Public Address

Public Address at Alarmtech

Public address systems are used to broadcast announcements and play background music across large areas. We often hear them at schools, hospitals, stadiums and shopping centres. With various different speaker types there is always something to fit the application.

100v lines

When hearing an announcement at a airport or shopping centre chances are that it is through a 100v line. These lines allow audio to be distributed over long distances from a central amplifier. The building/ campus can be split into zones that can be controlled separately causing less disruption. 100v lines are a proven reliable and cost effective solution.

IP system

This utilises the buildings existing IT network to send data to independent IP speakers. Software can then be used to program speakers into zones. The advantage of this being there is minimum distribution to the building as the system is utilising existing cables. Install times are also quicker. A IP microphone can also be added, allowing simple operation of the system.

School lockdown systems

Upon Ofsted recently advising school lockdown alarms to be in place there have started to become more and more popular. The schools requested lockdown alarm/ message is prerecorded onto a audio storage device. It can then be triggered from activation points usually located in the staff office. Along side the right procedure school lockdown systems greatly help safeguarding of students and Ofsted inspections. PA systems in schools can also be used for automatic bell timing.

Our other services

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Design, installation and commission of both wired and wireless systems

Access Control

Design, installation and commission of a range of access control systems

Security Lights

Installation of dusk till dawn and motion detected LED lights

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