Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms at Alarmtech

We believe the care we take in the installation and after care makes us stand out from the rest.

Alarm Types

Audible Only

Often installed in domestic properties, when activated by an intruder a local alarm will sound warning intruders and notifying people in the surrounding areas.

App Controlled

Systems can be set and unset remotely. It will also send a notification to the users phone when the system is activated, set or unset.


Intruder alarms was traditionally wired meaning that each keypad, sounder, detection device needs a wire between it and the control panel. This is still the most future proof method of installation as less maintenance is required.


Each Device is powered via batteries and will usually last around 3 years depending on the environment. Wireless system are especially useful when detection in remote buildings is required such as detached garages and garden sheds.


This is a system combining both wired and wireless devices, meaning devices local to the control panel such as keypads can usually be hardwired but devices placed further from the control panel can be wireless.

Monitored Alarms

They are two types of monitored alarms: keyholder response and police response. Both predominantly used in businesses and schools as an insurance requirement.

Keyholder Response

Upon an intruder activation a signal is sent by PSTN or radio to a monitoring station where they will contact the keyholders of the property. It is then up to the keyholder to respond accordingly.

Police Response

Upon a confirmed alarm there will be a signal sent to the monitoring station who will then contract the police. This is common in higher risk premises.

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